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When the coronavirus hit, the country halted.  

Restaurants were forced to close in-house dining, and people across the country were sent home from the office. Working from home quickly became the new norm, and video conference calls replaced in-person meetings. While business continued as usual for a lot of people, the stress associated with COVID-19 started to take its toll on many. Not sure where to turn, some people turned to drugs and alcohol for relief. 

Signs of Drug Use on A Video Conference Meeting 

After months of working at home, you have likely had several virtual meetings and also learned about proper Zoom meeting etiquette. While you may have been able to manage and get by, some of your co-workers may be struggling and turning to drugs and alcohol for help. Although it may have been easier to notice the signs of drug use in a co-worker when you were in the office together, it is still possible to spot signs of drug use on Zoom. 

The sooner you can recognize the signs of an addicted co-worker, the sooner you can get them into an addiction treatment program and keep the company from suffering as well. 


When looking for signs of drug use in a video meeting, you want to pay attention to the person’s attendance. If they are always late to the Zoom meeting or neglect to sign on at all, this is a problem. They may be so high or drunk that they forget about the meeting or are too preoccupied with their substance use to care. Especially, if the employee was traditionally timely, this change in behavior may be a warning sign of a bigger problem at hand. 



A person’s eyes while on drugs or under the influence of alcohol will look different than they normally would otherwise. Bloodshot eyes, pinpoint pupils, sunken eyelids, dilated pupils, and a glossy appearance may all be an indicator that they are currently on something. 


Disheveled Appearance 

People abusing drugs and alcohol will often start to neglect their physical appearance. This may be as simple as wearing dirty clothing with stains or not styling their hair. This may also go as far as meth sores or serious dental hygiene problems. When you start to notice a serious decline, you should act. 


Strange Energy Levels

One of the most common signs of drug addiction on Zoom is a drastic change in energy levels. Some substances like alcohol can leave the user feeling exhausted while others like cocaine can create an unnatural boost of energy. While your co-worker may be tired from a long day or had one too many cups of coffee, substance abuse can take this one step further. Constant fidgeting, speed talking, the inability to sit still, or falling asleep on screen may all be signs of drug abuse. If these extreme energy levels become your co-worker’s new norm, they may need drug addiction counseling


Decline in Work 

Outside of the signs of drug use in a video meeting, there may be other red flags that can tip you off to a co-worker’s addiction. Generally, people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol will come to prioritize these substances over everything else in their life including work. This often leads to a decline in overall work quality.   

If your employee or co-worker is showing signs of drug use on Zoom, you should try to get them help. Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania helps people with various substance abuse problems find lasting relief from addiction.  If someone you care about struggles with addiction and you do not know where to turn, reach out now at 570-536-9621. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we are here to help. 

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