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A lot of us felt our insecurities disappear when we were using. They didn’t exist at all. It wasn’t until we were alone or sobered up and had to look at ourselves in the mirror that we felt the insecurities come back full force. What did we do to get rid of them? We used again. We kept up this cycle for a long time but it never took the insecurities away. We had to try something different.

So, when we entered recovery we looked at our insecurities and most of the time they made us cringe. The last thing we wanted to do was feel them and embrace them. Although, if we didn’t feel them we could never change them. We cannot change unless we truly face issues head on. Facing our insecurities head on is what we need to do. So, with time and talking about what we feel insecure about whether it’s a physical insecurity or something like being insecure that you are not good enough for anyone to want to love you. Things like that take over us unless we address them and try to change them. The more you talk about them and try to look at how fear-driven and ridiculous the insecurities are, the more we can get over them or at least get better at dealing with them.

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