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In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are given a great opportunity to be reminded of what we are thankful for. Being grateful is sometimes hard to do when life doesn’t go the way we want it to, but we know that we are powerless over many things.

Today, let’s be grateful for our recovery because with that we wouldn’t haven’t all the other good things in our lives. From our recovery stems our relationships with family and friends that we are grateful for. From our recovery stems our careers that we are grateful for. From our recovery stems who we truly are that we are extremely grateful for. So today, take a look at how blessed you are. It’s a miracle that we’ve become who we are today!

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    Today I am thankful to be the mom of two special and amazing kids, and that we are able to spend Thanksgiving together. It could be our last family meal for a while, as we are planning to take a ride up to Clearbrook Lodge tomorrow. I’m praying that they will take my son in, and that this will be the environment that nurtures my son back to health. I want my boy back:( Signed…a sad but determined and loving mom ~

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