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We can’t allow our minds and our egos to trick us into believing that we are different from other people in the rooms of AA and NA. We hear stories from other people that may be worse than our own or not as bad as ours. Sometimes our minds tell us that we were not as bad as the skid row alcoholics story and we believe that we can’t identify with him/her. Then sometimes someone tells a story that isn’t as bad as our own. We think that they don’t understand us and how bad things got for us. Both situations are dangerous for people like us. The important thing to remember is to listen to the feelings that are associated with all these stories. Hopelessness, anger, and fear are three of the most common. Everyone’s story is different. Most people’s stories contain these feelings.

When we listen, listen closely. What we are looking for is the way out and how people feel today after they have followed the program of action. Hope begins to enter people’s minds. The fears that we once experienced begins to fade away. Life has taken on new meaning. These are the feelings that we strive for. With a little work they can be obtained.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I am no longer confused. Today I will attempt to understand the world I live in. I pray that I may experience clarity.

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