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When we first start getting sober it may seem like such an uphill climb that is going to take forever. Sometimes many of us have drank and used for so many years that the damage we have done seems unfixable. That is really just our minds and the disease telling us that we have done too much damage and that it is not even worth trying.

When these thoughts come up we need to seek out help. We need to talk to our friends and sponsors in the program to help us get back on the right thinking track.

When we do these things, most times we are surprised at how much our lives begin to improve. So many times you hear stories of families being put back together, people getting jobs, and our thoughts about who we really are can be reversed in a short period of time.

There are no promises in the program except that if we don’t pick up, we can’t get drunk or high. The other things that happen to us are direct results of not using or drinking. These things have happened for millions of people throughout the world, and they can happen for you. Believe, if you have to, because we believe it for you.

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