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America is considered to be the “global leader in addiction.” Contributors to the drug abuse problem in society stem from lack of strict prescription laws, the marketing of opioids, lack of pain management remedies, and treatment options. Therefore, substance abuse prevention needs to be a priority in communities throughout America. Additionally, educating people on other methods like physical therapy and holistic medicine may help lower the significantly high numbers of drug users.

It’s estimated that 31 million people have a drug use disorder, and as of 2017, although the percent did decrease from 2016, America is by far the global leader at 3.4% of the population. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 11.7% of Americans 12 and overuse illegal drugs, 8.1 million illegal drug users have a drug disorder, and 53 million people used illicit drugs or misused prescription drugs within the last year. With percentages increasing over time, it is important to learn how to prevent drug abuse in a community.

How to Address Drug Abuse in the Community

The rage against the opioid crisis may improve the statistics, but drug awareness is essential to preventing substance abuse. Breaking down the exact drug that is being misused in the communities can highlight the importance of planning prevention tactics. Next, programs will need to reevaluate or build on existing programs to guarantee quality assurance. Plus, addiction specialists should help implement long-term and short-term goals, ensuring that resources are available for the future.

Forming an anti-drug abuse affiliation will encourage people in the community to join meetings and discuss drug abuse patterns or give insight on any new drug that is being sold on the street. Prevention of substance abuse strategies can be applied throughout neighborhoods, work environments, and schools.

The use of drugs in high school is a serious matter and should not be overlooked. Typically, teenagers are highly likely to experiment with drugs, especially those not paid for over the counter. However, high school students tend to abuse alcohol more than any illicit drug. It is an excellent starting point to motivate students to get involved with prevention planning and encourage teens to treat their bodies with love and respect.

Effects of Drug Abuse on Families

Effects of drug abuse may lead family members to be emotionally detached from one another and society. Also, misuse of drugs usually leads to a family experiencing an economic crisis. The adverse effects may mean divorce of the parents, which may lead to permanent separation from the children.1 The risk of developing mental disorders and experiencing severe depression rises in chance, and unfortunately, causing many to lose their means of income. In some cases, drug abuse may lead to family violence or a sudden attack on a co-worker, which is why it is vital to learn how to prevent drug abuse in a community.

Prevention of Substance Abuse and Recovery

Community drug awareness is the first step. Observing patterns and behavior from specific drugs in high demand will help educate and motivate students, families, and the rest of society to work together. Preventing drug abuse starts from home and hopefully continues outreach to make a global impact.

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