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Staying sober on the holidays isn’t easy for everyone. People associate Cinco De Mayo with lots of drinking; this is one of the many holidays where people choose to drink the heaviest. This concept began in the late 1980s when beer companies advertised it as the perfect holiday to drink Mexican beers. Alongside St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving Eve, Cinco De Mayo is another so-called drinking holiday that can be especially stressful for people in recovery from addiction. Whether you or a loved one is recovering from alcoholism, hosting a sober Cinco De Mayo can mitigate relapse triggers. Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania is offering some tips on how to host a sober Cinco De Mayo that’s fun for everyone. 

Tips on How to Host a Sober Cinco De Mayo

Staying sober on Cinco De Mayo, a holiday heavily focused on drinking, can be tough for anyone, especially for someone who’s received alcohol addiction treatment. But celebrating this special holiday doesn’t have to include alcohol. Not only does drinking to celebrate take away from the true meaning behind Cinco De Mayo, but it also promotes heavy drinking, which can lead to other problems. Whether you want to cut down on drinking or want to stay sober, we’re sharing some helpful tips for hosting a fun and sober Cinco De Mayo party. 

Cook an Entire Feast of Delicious Foods 

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday and what better way to celebrate it than to cook a whole feast of delicious Mexican-inspired meals? You can make taco dip, elote, churros, tamales, tacos, quesadillas, and empanadas, to name a few. Having delicious food at your sober Cinco De Mayo party is a great way to draw attention away from drinking. You can also set up an area in your home or wherever you are hosting the party where everyone can enjoy the meal together. This will promote conversation and bonding, taking the focus away from the need to drink. 

Celebrate the History of Cinco De Mayo 

Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexico’s Independence Day, which is on September 16th. Cinco De Mayo marks Mexico’s defeat of the French invaders in the Battle of Puebla that occurred in 1862. The win was an unexpected inspiration for both Mexicans who migrated to the United States and to the United States, which was engaged in civil war at the time. Cinco De Mayo has become a popular holiday in the U.S. but is rarely celebrated by Mexicans who live outside of Puebla. When you’re hosting your sober Cinco De Mayo party, be sure to honor the reason for celebrating this holiday. Not only will you bring awareness to the true purpose of the celebration, but you can also change others’ perspectives on so-called “drinking holidays.” 

Make Mocktail Margaritas 

Margaritas are among the most common drinks people consume on Cinco De Mayo. Another way to enjoy a margarita without the alcohol is to make mocktails, which are alcohol-free versions of popular drinks; however, keep in mind that this idea isn’t for everyone. Those in the early stages of addiction recovery should be wary of making mocktails. Even for people who are years into their sobriety, making and drinking mocktails can be triggering. If you’re not comfortable making mocktails, then don’t! There is no “honorary drink” that people drink on this holiday. You can even make milkshakes or different flavored lemonades for variety. 

Have a Dance Party

What’s another common aspect of Cinco De Mayo aside from alcohol? Dancing! You can’t host a sober Cinco De Mayo without music and dancing. Create a playlist with a blend of classic and modern Mexican music you and your friends or family can dance to together. This a must-have detail when it comes to celebrating a common “drinking holiday” without alcohol. 

For those who want to stay sober on Cinco De Mayo and every other holiday, the first step to recovering from alcohol abuse is detox. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we usually start our treatment plans with a medical detox. During detox, patients may receive medication (if needed), as well as 24-hour supervision from our medical staff to ensure their withdrawal symptoms are properly managed. Quitting substance abuse is best done with professional help. 

If you want to stop drinking or using drugs and want to live a sober life, we can help. Call Clearbrook Treatment Center in Pennsylvania at 570-536-9621 to learn more about our levels of care.

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