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The holiday season is supposed to be filled with cheer, but this isn’t the reality for 64% of people who reported that they are affected by the Holiday Blues [1].

What are the Holiday Blues? The Holiday Blues are defined as feelings as anxiety, depression, loneliness, tension, or a sense of loss during the holiday season [1]. When someone is experiencing these feelings and they do not have the proper coping mechanisms in their life, they may face additional struggles with staying sober. So, how do you deal with the holidays and avoid holiday stresses and blues? Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania shares sober holiday tips and tricks for avoiding The Holiday Blues.

What Causes Holiday Stress?

The holidays are a high-pressure time of year. There are many things that can cause holiday stress, including unrealistic expectations, a change in diet, less sunlight, and sentimental memories. These factors can create feelings of loss, despondency, or depression. Additional stresses are the faster pace of the holiday season, with overwhelming responsibilities for celebrations, planning, and more. Interacting with people or places you may not see year-round can also be triggering for many people who have moved or changed their lifestyle to avoid such triggers. All these factors, without the right coping mechanisms, can lead to relapse.

How Can I Be Stress Free on the Holidays? 

There’s no doubt about it, the holidays are stressful. But you can be stress free on the holidays. First, we suggest setting boundaries for family and friends. If you are seeing family during the holidays, whom you do not normally get along with, make sure to establish boundaries for them and for yourself. This can reduce familial stresses.

Another way to reduce stress and even be stress free over the holidays is to set realistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations only lead to disappointment and frustration. You should also make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, exercise, and maintaining your routine as much as possible.

For more tips on holiday sobriety, avoiding holiday stress, and beating the Holiday Blues, call 570-536-9621 to get started with professional treatment for recovery. We hope you have a sober and healthy holiday season.

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