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In the state of Ohio last year over 750 million opiate pain pills were prescribed and dispensed.  That equates to 65 pills for every man, woman, and child in the state.  You want to know why heroin use has exploded across the country.  That’s arguably the biggest cause…doctors over prescribing pain pills!

On November 1st, “60 Minutes” produced a story on just how bad the heroin epidemic has become in Ohio.  It is our belief that this story crisscrosses our country.  From Portland, ME to San Diego, CA or Seattle, WA to Miami, FL; this story could have been done anywhere.  There is no hiding from heroin, it’s now everywhere.

A girl they interviewed, Hannah Morris told them part of her story.  Hannah by outward appearances looks like the “girl next door”.  She says at the age of 15 her and her friends experimented with heroin by smoking it.  The feeling she describes is feeling like a “26” on a scale of one to ten.  When smoking it wasn’t producing the same high that is when she began to inject it.  Her whole world collapsed.  Thankfully Hannah got help for her addiction and she has been clean now for over a year.

In the state of Ohio it is estimated that 23 people die of heroin overdoses every week.  Sadly, that was Tyler Campbell’s story as told by his grieving parents.  They told CBS that Tyler wasn’t using heroin as a party drug.  Tyler was a standout football player in high school who went on to star in the division 1 football team at Akron.  He injured his shoulder playing and it required surgery to fix it.  He was prescribed 60 Vicodin pills for the pain.  That is all it took for him to get addicted.  When he couldn’t get the pills anymore he turned to heroin as its replacement.  Tyler and his parents then tied to get help but he would relapse back to heroin.  After the last heroin rehab he went to, he came home that night and couldn’t fight the uncontrollable craving for heroin.  He went to his room and “shot up”.  Tyler died that night.  As we watched the story on TV Sunday night, we watched his parents tell this story.  These stories make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  The disease of addiction rips family’s lives apart.  There are far too many of these stories.

Clearbrook has treated heroin addiction in Pennsylvania for decades.  Along with the media, it is our job to spread the news of the heroin epidemic.  We realize how sad and devastating this has become.  With that said, we have also seen the miraculous and remarkable stories of people who have come through our doors addicted to heroin who have given up fighting the battle themselves and completely turned their lives around.  This problem we are facing now does not discriminate.  Recovery doesn’t discriminate either.  Anyone can be helped that wants it.





Please click HERE for the full story as shown on CBS.

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