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After speaking to the history of the drug heroin, we would like to talk about the addiction to it. Heroin, like all drugs is dangerous and fatal when used. It does not matter in what means you are taking the drug. Whether you smoke, snort, and shoot the drug, the effects are deadly.

When someone uses heroin for the first time it is immediately detrimental to the mind and body. After the user feels the euphoric high that heroin produces they become instantly addicted. If only in the mental sense that is all it takes for someone to become an abuser of one of the most fatal drugs out there. After a period of abuse, the user begins to feel that nothing in the world matters except for finding more. As with any substance, the abusers tolerance to the drug will increase making it more difficult to find the financial means to remain as high as they want. That is when a drug addict will begin to steal and break laws or just do anything they would not normally do in order to obtain more.

The health concerns of heroin abuse pose so many different risks. Heroin, which is often injected, can lead to AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis. Sharing needles is common among heroin addicts. Often times respiratory and cardiovascular problems arise soon after people use the drug.

The withdrawal from heroin is painful. When an addict can’t find more and is forced to not use, without medical help this can be painful. The detox from heroin lasts anywhere from 3-10 days. It is the suggestion to find a Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut heroin rehab to come off this drug. Clearbrook Treatment Centers can provide a full medical heroin detox in Pennsylvania. Please call us to speak with an admissions specialist.

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