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What is the difference between a state funded and a private drug rehab? Is it worth to invest thousands of dollars on a drug treatment center New York when the state offers rehabilitation for free? Maybe we should try a state funded program first and if that doesn’t work than we can try a private pay program. Certainly you want the best program for your loved one but with no guarantees how do we know if it will work? These are all questions and statements that are common when a family first starts researching drug rehab programs New York on the internet. There are many factors to consider and we hope to answer any questions and educate you on this important process.

Is there a difference between state funded and a private facility? Absolutely, as a matter of fact most state funded programs only provide a traditional treatment program which includes the 12 step method and replacement drug therapy. Unfortunately state funded or government funded programs receive funding from the government and other resources, a big one being pharmaceutical companies. This is a big business in drug rehab in New York for pharmaceutical companies to fund these state or government run facilities so that they can prescribe drugs to “treat” the addiction. Not to mention the state or government funded programs also use the 12 step philosophy so all treatment is in a group setting where no individualized counseling is offered.

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