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While the current drug epidemic seems to be ever growing, some argue that politicians could have acted more swiftly in executing the passage of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA).

The new legislation would increase treatment resources, create alternatives to incarceration, and construct new prevention methods, all in hopes to fight against the heroin drug epidemic.

As recently as last week, this bill is finally beginning to get not only the recognition it deserves, but congressional approval; something we so desperately need in a time like this.

Nevertheless, some question its delay. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has been working on the new legislation for the better part of this year. He was quoted in saying last week, “This needs to come above politics. This needs to get done, and we need to get it done now.”

Parts of the bill were passed with overwhelming majority back in March – 94-1 in the Senate and 400-5 in the House. While in all cases this is great news, why has it taken 4 months for final congressional approval?

While the politicians in Washington took their time, more and more people died.

Some of the holdup stems from the contention of budgetary funds and how much is absolutely necessary to see this bill at its fullest potential. Democratic Senators alike insisted that at least $920 million would be needed to fight the drug epidemic. The House and Senate Appropriations committee agreed on providing $581 million.

As each side of the aisle debates this issue, Senator Patrick J. Kennedy, a Democrat from Rhode Island, puts things into perspective and reminds us of what brought us here in the first place.

He said, “How can we just let a number of people die from overdose just so we can make a political point that Republicans are wrong on funding?”

So what’s really important? Being right and having it exactly your way? It shouldn’t matter what party someone is affiliated with. This process began in a nonpartisan way. That’s the way it should remain.

Once again, PEOPLE ARE DYING! Everyday!

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We have said it many times before. Addiction does not care who you are or where you are from. It can grab ahold of you.

Let the numbers speak for themselves. As of 2014, there are a reported 2.2 million opioid addicts in the United States. Of those, 28,000 died from overdose of an opioid-related substance.

We truly do have a drug epidemic on our hands. Our hope is that this new legislation is put into effect, so those suffering can get the help they need.

If you have found yourself caught in the grips of addiction, know there is hope. For over 4 decades, Clearbrook has treated those afflicted with drug and alcohol problems. We have experienced a different way of life, let us show you. Contact us today for immediate assistance.




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