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If you are wondering, “does marijuana kill brain cells,” then the answer is there is not enough research to support if it does or not. While the death of neurons may not be from smoking weed, the brain is still seriously affected. THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, establishes a high or a calming or energizing mood, depending on the strand of marijuana. Still, the side effects on the brain can cause long-term developing complications. So, you may want to keep that in mind next time you go to spark a joint.

Does Weed Fry Your Brain?

Cannabinoids, like the naturally occurring endocannabinoids in the human body, bind to the same receptors located in the brain. CB 1 and CB 2 receptors are found in the central nervous system, and, after the binding, effects on the body occur. Positive effects include increasing metabolism, helping regulate sleeping patterns, boosting mood, and possibly reducing anxiety symptoms.

It’s not accurate to say that marijuana does kill brain cells; nonetheless, weed does damage your brain. Marijuana affects cognition or the thought process and senses, which inclines us to perceive reality. The level of brain damage depends on a person’s age, frequency of use, how much is consumed or inhaled, and the person’s general health and mental stability.

Does Eating Edibles Kill Brain Cells?

Edibles refer to cooking weed inside of foods like brownies, cookies, or candy. After consumption, THC is absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract and passes into the liver. There is not enough evidence to support whether weed does kill brain cells or not. Many people will prefer to ingest marijuana through this method as it takes longer to activate in the system, but the effects tend to last longer.

Does Weed Cause Memory Loss?

Short-term memory processing is a potential problem for people who regularly smoke or consume marijuana. Cognitive decline or short-term memory loss is a side effect of marijuana misuse and abuse. Memory loss is not the only adverse side effect. Here are some effects that follow long-term use:

  • Lowered IQ
  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of motivation
  • Impaired coordination
  • Affected perception of reality
  • Physical dependency
  • May cause birth defects or complications
  • Worsened mental health disorder symptoms
  • Weed shrinks the brain (gray matter volume)

Weed does put holes in your brain, kind of. The brain is affected, but as of killing neurons, studies are still in pursuit to give this question a conclusion. Other side effects include difficulty retaining information, fatigue, and paranoia. The side effects worsen if weed is mixed with antidepressants or certain other drugs.

Addiction Treatment at Our Pennsylvania Drug Rehab

At Clearbrook Pennsylvania Treatment Center, we offer medically monitored detox and other special services that will help patients through the withdrawal process. We offer methods that will help patients express themselves through treatment, like our art therapy program. Our medical staff prepares a safe and clean environment for the recovery process to go as smoothly as possible.


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