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As the addiction deepens, the person will begin hiding his or her drug use from loved ones. Ridden with guilt, the person may start to withdraw from family and friends. The person may become belligerent and start to behave oddly. These behaviors set off their own sequence of events: the more a person abuses drugs or alcohol, the guiltier they start to feel, the more depressed they become and the more they will turn to the substance to ease those feelings.

Once addicted, a person will sacrifice almost anything in an attempt to obtain more drugs or alcohol. Nothing is off limits – family and friends, jobs, savings, etc. Getting and using the substance is now the most vital thing in their life. Relationships and job performance suffer greatly and the person experiences a great deal of mental stress as a result of guilt and depression.

The cycle of addiction Pennsylvania affects the body physically as well. The person’s body has adapted to the presence of drugs or alcohol. If the person stops using drugs or alcohol without having the proper detox treatment, he or she will experience painful withdrawal symptoms. The person becomes obsessed with getting and using drugs or alcohol, in an effort to avoid withdrawal pain.

In addition to the mental stress created by this unethical behavior, the addict’s body has also adapted to the presence of the drugs. He or she will experience and overwhelming obsession with getting and using their drugs, and will do anything to avoid the pain of withdrawing from them. The person is now physically and emotionally addicted to drugs or alcohol Pennsylvania.

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