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In active addiction we tell ourselves “no one understands.” No one can possibly fathom the agony and pain we feel on a daily basis. We can’t put into words that relentless craving that lingers in every fiber of our beings, holding us hostage, and seeing no means of escape. It plays tricks on our minds, completely distorting the true from the false. At the time, our behaviors make complete and total sense to us; because alcoholics and addicts are driven by one thing, hunger for more. A hunger that will drive us to do unimaginable things.

Usually that hunger is driven by a sense of inadequacy, discontentment, loneliness, or simply a feeling or situation we are uncomfortable with and have no other way of coping. Most of us feel like we have never really fit in this world, sort of like a square peg in a round hole. Literally we spend our time stumbling through life, trying to figure out why it is so much easier for everyone else.

We genuinely believe there is absolutely no way to render the past and all of the damage we have created along the way. We failed our families and loved ones, destroyed every chance at happiness, became deviants and criminals, and completely erased any shot of having a good life. We tell ourselves, “What’s the point? I’m better off dead.”

At Clearbrook, we beg to differ. Give us a chance to prove you wrong. There is a point to living because there is a solution! You can escape the darkness; all you have to do is have an ounce of faith. It is never too late to seek treatment and achieve sobriety. Give us the chance to teach you, that one day at a time, you can and will rebuild your life if you want it. There is HOPE!

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