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Drug Treatment Programs at Clearbrook Treatment CentersThe following are programs that are offered from Clearbrook Treatment Centers to help you or a loved one recover from chemical dependency:

  • Addiction Counseling – individual and group with emphasis placed on current behavior. Counseling addresses the disease concept, its manifestations, and psychological and social complications. Reality-oriented, therapy is focused on the issues of denial, powerlessness, unmanageability, unrealistic thinking and other defense system tactics.
  • Rehabilitation Management – Following an entry interview, medical exam and data gathered from family and referral sources, an individual initial treatment plan is executed during the first three days of therapy. After the initial treatment plan, a more comprehensive plan is developed to meet yours or a family member’s personal needs.
  • Drug Detoxification – each patient is monitored for withdrawal symptoms and is provided with medical assistance if needed. If a patient is experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms he or she will stay at this unit until a physician releases them. Upon completion of the detoxification phase, the patient will directly enter primary treatment.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers are there for you, to help you on your road to recovery, and should be your #1 choice for drug dependency recovery in Pennsylvania. They have professional and compassionate staff who are there for you and make sure to take care of you. Can you afford to wait? Choose Clearbrook Treatment Centers for your drug dependency recovery needs.

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