In Addiction Counseling

The facilities that make up Clearbrook Manor provide the alcoholic/addict with a luxurious and private place for recovery. Some may question why an alcoholic or drug addict needs such a nice place for a drug rehab experience. We feel that the struggles of addiction are tough enough on their own. The treatment facility should not have to be. No expense has been spared in creating a safe haven away from the struggles of alcoholism or drug addiction. Residents of Clearbrook are supplied the very best when it comes to an addiction treatment stay.

Overcoming the struggles of addiction may be the most difficult thing that an individual will have to endure. Intensive therapies and the process of recovery can be very taxing and struggling at times. The withdrawal of drugs and alcohol can create unwanted stress and make it difficult to sleep. At Clearbrook, we have worked diligently in creating an environment that can help with these stresses and struggles. Residents are provided with the very best in comfortable accommodations, a delicious culinary experience to suit their dietary needs, and even stress reducing amenities and relaxation techniques.

Another reason for the niceties and luxuries in alcohol or drug rehab is to exceed every expectation when it comes to a treatment program. Clearbrook strives to be among the very best in the world at what we do. Residents are treated with the utmost care from the very best in professionals and programming. They are also treated to the finest in facilities and venues for a recovery program. It is not an easy process to overcome the struggles of drugs or alcoholism. It is our hope that the fine accommodations and amenities of The Clearbrook Treatment Centers can do their part in reducing some of the stresses that come from addiction recovery.

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