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Thank you Clearbrook. Thank you for starting a new life for me and countless others. The dedication you have shown to your patients in unwavering. I never believed that I could have friends again. Everyone was sick of my “I’m sorrys”, “I won’t do that again”, and “It’s your fault”.

That’s why we talk about the fellowship of AA. The people that make up AA are a vital part of our sobriety. When we go to a drug and alcohol rehab like Clearbrook, the fellowship starts there. We now have finally found some people who know what our problems are. At first the problem is what we use for a solution. That solution is our alcohol and drugs. The real problem lies within us. The way we think and then act on those thoughts is the problem. Booze and drugs were our only answer to our problems. WE HAVE A NEW WAY OUT, THANK GOD.

How has the fellowship of AA/NA pulled you up and out to a productive life?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the pain that brought me to my knees. Today I will remember the pain brought on by alcohol and drugs. I pray that I treasure the result of my pain.

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    Tracey Barron

    Clearbrook saved my teenage son’s life! I will be forever grateful to the entire staff at the adolescence facility for everything they did to help my son deal with his addiction. I am proud to say that he is only 2 months away from being clean and sober for 1 year!

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    Clearbrook Treatment Centers

    The miracles like your son are what keep us alive Tracey. The first year of sobriety can be difficult. You are also a miracle. To come out of a life that you were living and to have so much gratitude is truly amazing. We are always here for you and your son. Thank you for your comment and God bless you and your family!!!

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