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Many jails are filled with people who need recovery.  We told you the story of an Ohio woman who went through an arrest to get clean.  When she was faced with possession charges, she actually asked the judge to put her in jail.  She figured it was a way for her to detox and get off drugs.

We have some good news. Some Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies are focusing on addicts getting treatment instead of incarceration.  They have acknowledged that treatment is better than an arrest.  That’s the reason at least one county has implemented CLEAN.

CLEAN is an easy to remember acronym for Concerned Law Enforcement Against Narcotics.  According to a recent news article, the program was instituted in Potter County.  There are big hopes that CLEAN will take off throughout the state.  A similar protocol is working well in Massachusetts.

How Coming CLEAN Can Help You Get Treatment | We admit that it sounds like a play on words. And, when we say coming clean, we’re referring to being upfront with police.  Imagine walking into a police station and admitting your drug use.  Maybe even handing over your stash.

Yes, we agree.  It sounds like grounds for an instant arrest.  After all, isn’t that what the police are supposed to do?

Potter County Law Enforcement have decided to take a different approach by treating addiction as the disease it is. And they want to help people get into treatment.  It’s a novel idea that we’re sure can work.

For addicts, it uses Step One in the recovery process: The acknowledgement that there is a problem that makes them feel powerless.  For some, the first step is often the hardest.

Those who wish to take advantage of the CLEAN program in Potter County can make the first step at a local police station.  An addict can freely admit that they have problems.  They can also turn over drugs without fear of prosecution.  They will not be harassed to give the names of their dealers.

The focus from that point will be on finding treatment.  No arrest.  Just help finding a path to recovery.  With law enforcement guiding you through the process.

We Offer Recovery Tools | Here, at Clearbrook, we too realize that getting clean can seem like a dubious journey.  We focus on helping you develop a skill set that enables you to cleanly and clearly walk down the path of recovery.  Our trained staff of medical professionals and counselors can assist you from the beginning.

We know the difficulties associated with detox and staying sober.  Give us a call to see how we can help your recovery.  Please don’t wait until the arrest is made before you decide to make a change.



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