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Asking for help with a drug addiction can be one of the hardest things a human being can do. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, many people think of asking for help as a sign of weakness or failure. They may have the mistaken idea that if they couldn’t accomplish something all by themselves, they failed and would suffer deep embarrassment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A person with extreme thinking or overworked emotions can easily take on a lot of self blame. An addiction certainly fits both of those categories. Black and white thinking and emotional extremes are hallmarks of drug and alcohol addiction.

They may start replaying comments from critical family members, negative self-talk, or feel that everyone knows how worthless they are. so to ask for help would only confirm how ashamed they should be of their sorry situation.

While a stigma still surrounds drug addiction and mental illness, much of these thoughts and perceptions are generated from within the addicted person’s mind. Their extreme thinking and poorly managed emotions can take small details and blow them out of proportion. They can expand a person’s shame so much that they avoid asking anyone for help. The addict’s denial may also play into their avoidance of help. Meanwhile, their addiction rages on and they continue to put their very life at risk.

So asking for help is not easy, but help is available. Addiction hot lines and local drug rehab centers can talk to you anonymously and answer questions. Even if you are hesitant at first about getting drug treatment, a confidential conversation with a caring professional can help you take the first step. Detox centers are not drug treatment facilities, but they can certainly make referrals. some detox centers operate on a walk-in basis, which means you could talk with someone while you sober up and get more comfortable with the idea of getting sober.

Do you have a trusted friend, a pastor, a family member who is in your corner? Take a step of courage, a leap of faith, and tell them what’s really going on. The discomfort may be strong at first, but knowing you have support and guidance can be worth the risk.

When you need to ask for help, you take a risk. Taking a risk means you could get hurt or let down. And if you have been living with an addiction for a while, you know how hard it can be to live with painful emotions. You may not even be sure it’s worth it to speak up. But if you are willing to step forward and ask for help, you are also stepping forward into a much healthier life. Call Clearbrook Treatment Centers today.

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