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Adversity in life is going to strike at some points in our lives. We are not necessarily going to have the answers to the reasons why, but we need to handle it differently than we have in the past. Drinking and using is a subtle foe as it says in the literature.

Changing our behaviors is essential to a happy and sober life. Many times our minds are going to lie to us and tell us that we are no different and doom awaits us like it always has. A lie is exactly what this thought is. In the book Alcoholics Anonymous, it tells us in the Doctors Opinion that our minds are just as warped as our bodies. Our thinking is not on the same wavelength as other people. This is very dangerous for people like us because we then use alcohol or drugs to relieve the thoughts and feelings.

What is the solution?? That is what we should constantly be thinking about. There are many ways to help ourselves. People that have come before us can help us by telling their own stories as to how they got out of these periods of bad thoughts. We choose our own conception of God, ask him to help you. Practice being satisfied with everything you have. It works when nothing else is.

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