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Addiction Treatment | Clearbrook Treatment CentersThere’s a meme that was circulating on social media that was all too familiar.  It showed a group of people, hands raised in the air and determined to start their diet on Monday. The narration goes something like this: When do we start our diet? MONDAY!  What day is today?  MONDAY!!  When do we start our diet?  NEXT MONDAY!!  We’ve all put things off, whether it be homework, cleaning, getting healthy, or getting sober.  We make excuses, and justify the reasons for our delay. Especially at this time of year, waiting to start any kind of self-improvement until after the holidays seems to make perfect sense. There are less than two weeks left in the year, so why should we make any changes until then? Going into an addiction treatment center now and being away from family simply does not make sense. There will be so many parties to attend, and surely everyone will be drinking. Who wants to feel like the “odd-man” out? The reality though is, there will always be something coming up that we can use to justify not getting sober or losing weight or accomplishing any of our goals.  Here are a few reasons why starting today is far better than putting it off until tomorrow.

Firstly, for someone who is actively using and/or drinking, any day is a good day to enter addiction treatment. Every day that an addict or alcoholic continues to use or drink, they are playing Russian roulette with their life. You never really know if today will be the day that that dose of heroin is just simply too much for your body to handle. Or, if today is the day you get behind the wheel after drinking too much and get into an accident. While addiction can be somewhat predictable in the sense that a user’s behaviors are habitual, in the same regard, you can never predict when the disease will decide to kill you. With that said, putting off recovery and addiction treatment until after the New Year is not only foolish, but dangerous and life threatening.

Think about where you want to be a year from today.  Now think about a year ago, and what you hoped to achieve.  Are you there?  If not, that should be an indicator that putting addiction treatment off until a later date isn’t really working.  If you’re wanting to get sober, you will be well into your recovery in a year.  Think of all that you can do!  Restoring relationships with friends and loved ones, building new relationships, finding a new job, going back to school, it’s all possible, and it’s all worth starting as soon as possible.

Rather than finding excuses and justifying your reasons to delay addiction treatment any longer, why not ask yourself, “Why not; what do I really have to lose?” Is going to one more party really going to make a difference in your life, whereas going to addiction treatment actually would? Is spending time with family really your first priority during the holidays, or are you actually spending the majority of your time preoccupied with using and/or drinking? When we really reflect on the quality time we have spent with our family and loved ones, we may realize that we have actually wasted countless hours not being present, whether it be physically, mentally, or both.

Additionally, that time we say we NEED to spend with our family, may not at all be what they want at the moment. Please do not mistake what we are trying to put across. Of course our loved ones want us to engage in the holiday season, but typically when we are under the influence, we are not much fun to be around. We actually create more chaos, worry, and heartache for our families during this time. We must remember, as difficult as it may be, they are entitled to their feelings, as well as enjoying this time of year. So, instead of possibly ruining their holiday by having them worry about your well being, give them the best gift you could and go to addiction treatment.

It’s important to remember, time will not stop for you.  Every year the same thing happens. Time will continue to move, whether we are ready to move with it or not.  Just as time doesn’t stop for you, neither will the progression of your disease. You may believe that you can wait until tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. The reality is, when we suffer from addiction, we don’t call the shots anymore. Although we believe we can control our addiction, that is simply not the case. It controls us! Putting off addiction treatment is like telling a diabetic to wait until after the New Year to take their insulin. You simply wouldn’t do that.

We understand committing to addiction treatment is a scary thought, especially during the holidays. Who wants to go to rehab during Christmas or New Years? No one!  It’s unfamiliar and ultimately it requires change, which many of us are terrified of.  Nevertheless, it is the necessary step one must take to begin rebuilding their lives. The best decisions in life are always the most difficult, but also ALWAYS pay off in the end. Make this the best holiday season of yours and your family’s life and enter addiction treatment today!

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