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What’s one great fear of all addicts? Getting caught at work. They figure that if someone on the job knows that they are abusing drugs or alcohol, they will be subject to termination. But what they don’t realize is expert addiction advice may actually help your career. You might be surprised.

Joseph is addiction and career | Clearbrook Treatment Centersa union sheet-metal worker in New York City. He can typically work anywhere from 55-70 hours per week, depending on which job he is on. When Joe first joined the union, he enjoyed hanging out at the bar with his co-workers after hours. It started as just a beer or two a night. Joe is now able to down a case of beer in one sitting. When he wakes up hungover, he finds himself drinking whiskey before work to get rid of his headache.

Joe thinks his co-workers and supervisors don’t realize what’s really going on. He just tells them he doesn’t feel well. However, the union requires all employees to undergo drug screenings and breathalyzers. When it comes time for his weekly testing, Joe is overcome with fear. Much to his surprise, his supervisor already has an idea of Joe’s situation, and recommends he seek alcohol and addiction treatment.

Employers Want Their Employees to Find Help

It should come as no surprise but your employer made an investment in you when they hired you. An expensive one. They likely thought you were worth it and still do despite your addiction. According to U.S. law, addiction is recognized as a disease and work entities realize that healthy employees are better ones.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration encourages employers to take a stance on providing substance abuse counseling for their employees. In fact, the government actually released an informational brief to employers. In summary, it provided the following information:

  • 76% of people with drug or alcohol problems actually have jobs
  • At least 15% of workers reported they were impaired by alcohol at least one day while on the job
  • Those who have substance abuse issues are more likely to have work-related accidents
  • Replacing an employee increases costs dramatically (can be as much as 200%)
  • Alcohol is the most abused substance among the workforce
  • Substance abuse treatment helps decrease absenteeism and improve job performance
  • Savings from investing in employee recovery programs cuts down on health insurance programs by an extraordinary ratio

The truth is that avoiding treatment is costly. To the abuser and to the employer. It can start with a referral to an Employee Assistance Program or an insurance carrier to check for benefits.

Contact Us

Here at Clearbrook, we can help with some of those calls. We can assist you with obtaining insurance authorization. Our counselors and staff are dedicated to helping people find their road to recovery. It’s not an easy one. We know it takes time and work. Contact us for advice on how to start the process NOW. You owe it to yourself.




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