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What is a spiritual experience when it pertains to sobriety? Is it going to happen for me? The answer to the second question is, YES!! It will happen for you if you want it to and allow it to. The only pre-requisite is that we follow the program as it was outlined. We should be following the steps in order from number one through number twelve. The first sentence is the twelvth step reads “Having had a spiritual experience as THE result of these steps……” What that is telling us is that if we follow the other eleven steps we are sure to have something spiritually happen to us.

We may ask in what way. They come to different people in different ways. The belief and absolute faith in knowing that a power greater than ourselves is guiding us is one way. As the writer of this blog today my spiritual experience happens every day of my life. Every day I would wake up thinking about drugs and alcohol. I was consumed and obsessed with when I was going to get it and how I was going to get it. I have not had that thought since the first day I got sober. That is spiritual to me. We hope and pray that every one of you reading this finds your experience and is able to tell the newcomer how it happened.

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