In Drug Rehab

A well-known, respected member of the recovery and treatment community has laid out this formula for treating the chemically dependent.

God: There is a God, it is NOT you!

Work: Work builds self-esteem and supports the other pillars of this new life.

Discipline: A “healthy” discipline builds character and routine provides stability.

Respect: For one’s self and others is demonstrated in daily living.

Exercise: Helps burn off energy for those that are restless, irritable and discontent.

Diet: A healthy body, mind and spirit help to ensure continuing recovery.

Love: The family has to learn to love and detach at the same time.

Consequences: This is perhaps the hardest thing for parents to do, to let their children suffer the consequences derived from their behavior. Msgr. Dunn, former NYPD Chaplain referred to this process as, “induced therapeutic surrender”.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Pennsylvania, offers hope for the chemically dependent when all hope has been lost.

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