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You’ve made the decision to get professional help regarding your addiction issues, but you don’t know how to find the best rehab. It will be important that you find the very best facility available; this is your recovery we are talking about! To give yourself the best chance of success, you may want to first consider what is important to you when you choosing a rehab. Here are 20 things to look for when making that decision.


One of the most important things you’ll want to know is whether the facility is going to accept your insurance. You don’t want to pay more than you need to, so be sure you check benefits as well before checking in.

Waiting List

There are some rehabs that will not be able to accommodate you immediately. It would be important to ask how long the wait list is and how you get your name put on it.


The proper accreditation will not guarantee you a successful treatment, but it is a sign that the treatment center wants to meet a higher standard of care. There are two reputable accreditations you can look for: CARF (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and the Joint Commission.


Do some research on the internet and review what others have to say about the facility you are looking into. The best way to gauge how well a treatment center operates is to listen to those who have been there.

Medical Detox Facility

Look for a center that is experienced in handling the detox you might face. There are many therapeutic techniques, the utilization of medication under medical supervision, and nutritional support that can be offered to deal with physical symptoms and cravings you might encounter.


For your best chance at success, you’ll want to be comfortable with the staff and know that the counselors are certified in treating addictions. Often times, you can find a page on the facility’s website dedicated to showcasing their staff. It is there that you will find their specific credentials, experience in the treatment industry, and sometimes even some of their personal experiences. While having struggled with addiction themselves is not a requirement to be a counselor, you will often find that many addictions specialists are.


Many people entering therapy have emotional issues or abuse that they need to deal with. These areas of your life will need to be dealt with if you want a chance at success. You are going to experience problems and stresses in life. A good treatment center is going to offer therapeutic sessions, group and individual, to teach you how to deal with life.

You should be covering topics such as how to deal with temptation, major life stresses and financial issues. You’ll also need a solid plan to help you recover from any pains from past abuses or traumas.

Do They Rely On More Drugs?

Many drug treatment programs will offer medications such as methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine to the recovering patient. This type of program is often referred to as medication-assisted treatment. While many will advocate for these kinds of programs and refer to it as the “most effective form of addiction treatment”, that is not necessarily always the case. Often times, the main purpose behind this modality of treatment is actually harm reduction.  If your goal is to remain sober, then you want to find a treatment facility that will not offer you more drugs in exchange for what you are currently using.

Avoid The Instant Cure

You may be tempted to participate in a program that offers an instant cure to your addiction.  Most people need years of hard work to start reversing the effects on the body and mind from addiction.  Treatment is about setting you up on the path that leads to success by looking forward to your long-term needs.


This is going to be a personal preference to you. Will you be most comfortable starting your recovery in a beach environment with the warm sunshine, or would you prefer to find a secluded, homey setting? There are rehab facilities in every part of the country, so if the environment is important to you, put this on your list of things to consider.

Residential Mix

As with the environment, you will want to be sure that the mixture of residents is something you can be comfortable with.  There are plenty of centers that offer gender specific care if you feel that will be best for your recovery.


While touring the facility be sure to take notice of the cleanliness. You don’t want to attempt recovery in a setting that is disorganized and dingy. Having an orderly and clean area will help you to keep your focus where it needs to be; on your treatment.

Life Skills

While you were abusing alcohol or drugs, there is a high probability that you were neglecting daily life activities. You may need help learning how to balance your checkbook, write a resume, go for a job interview or even do your laundry. A qualified treatment facility is going to be able to offer you some practical life skills to help you make it when you leave for home.

Family Care

Addiction is a family disease and the whole unit will need treatment of some kind for recovery to be successful. Look for a facility that offers treatment for the entire family to participate in.

Co-Occurring Disorders

A lot of people entering rehab will need help with mental health concerns as well. It could be depression or anxiety, but you will want a clinical team that will address your dual diagnosis. You need to be treated as a whole to fully recover. If certain aspects are go untreated, it will be difficult to fully recover.

If the rehab you are interested in is not a dual diagnosis facility, you want to know that they will make the best, and most appropriate decisions, regarding your treatment. If they are unable to offer you the level of care that is needed to help you, they should be able to refer you to the appropriate providers and/or clinicians.

Faith-Based Beliefs

If a particular religion is important to you, then you may want to look for a facility that either teaches the same belief system or at the very least, respects yours. Faith can play a big part in the recovery of many so you should feel comfortable being able to express your thoughts in a safe environment.

If however, you prefer that religion doesn’t enter into your recovery process that is another concern you want to bring up with the treatment center. Religion has never been a requirement to living a happy and sober life.

Nutritional Component

Many people entering rehab will arrive in a poor state of well-being. This includes the physical body and issues that will need to be addressed. You might find yourself battling intestinal issues resulting from your opiate use or anemia from alcoholism. No matter what you are facing, there needs to be a qualified staff member who knows how to encourage a healthy well-being.

This can start by having nutritional support on site. With proper nutrition, you are less likely to suffer from ailments such as insomnia, depression or lack of energy. By caring for your physical well-being, you are more likely to succeed at a recovery plan that works for you.

Length Of Program

Every treatment facility will offer varying lengths of stays. You’ll want to know what is expected of you before you commit to check-in.

Privacy Measures

It is important to know that your privacy is protected and that the facility you will be entering has specific measures in place to protect it. By law, rehab providers are not allowed to disclose to anyone, without your written consent, that you are currently attending their program. Be sure to discuss the privacy policies with the rehab you are interested in going to.

Aftercare Program

Leaving rehab can be a scary time. After working hard during your stay, you will want to know that the team will help you walk the path of recovery after leaving. The clinical team will work closely with you to best address all of your specific needs regarding aftercare. You may not feel comfortable returning home after treatment, and therefore they would provide you options for extended care. Or in other scenarios, outpatient or a private therapist may be sufficient. Either way, it is your recovery, and you’ll want to know that the treatment provider is offering you all of the necessary tools for continued sobriety.

Final Thoughts

Making the important decision to enter rehab should never be taken lightly. For the best chance of success, you’ll need to feel confident that you are going to be comfortable at treatment. It is important that you feel safe, secure and open to talk about all your issues in a loving environment. Take your time and be sure that the facility you are heading to offers you the services that will address your needs.

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