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Treatment Center | Clearbrook Treatment CentersWhen you are preparing to enter into treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction, you might be confused about how to find the right program for your needs. This is normal and we want to help you! This time in your life is hard enough without feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of getting sober. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right treatment center for you.

1.     How Long is the Program?

Before you enter into a treatment center, it helps to know how long you’ll be there. It’s simple to find both short and long-term programs that will work for you. Some stays can be as short as a couple of weeks all the way up to a year. That’s why it’s important you determine your needs upfront.

2.     Is the Program Accredited and What is Their Success Rate?

A reputable treatment center needs to be accredited by the state. It’s important that you inquire as to their licenses and credentials. Make sure you also have a discussion related to the success rates as this should be one of the most important factors in your decision.

A facility that has a high success rate probably offers a well-designed and laid out plan. They’re also going to offer a knowledgeable staff that maintains this impressive statistic.

3.     How Long Has the Treatment Center Been in Business?

It might be appealing to head to the newest and greatest treatment facility. Sure, they are going to have a flawless appearance and offer all the amenities you could hope for, but they might be lacking the experience you need to stay sober.

Older facilities tend to have a proven track record that signifies stability. They’ve had years to learn from mistakes and refine their process. What results is a finely tuned machine that knows how to get the job done right. You end up the winner as a result.

A long-standing history also shows that the treatment center has withstood the test of time. If the program isn’t well-run or it doesn’t provide effective treatment, it’s unlikely that the doors will still be open ten years later.

4.     How Does the Treatment Center Choose Their Therapists?

Not every state has licensing requirements that are stringent. Some states choose to employ therapists that aren’t licensed or properly trained. It’s important that you find out what degrees the therapists have as well as any accreditation they are required to obtain.

5.     Is There a Balance Between Therapeutic Work and Fun Activities?

Working a recovery program all hours of the day is not going to offer you the treatment you need. There needs to be time for fun and relaxation as well. It helps to balance out all the hard work you are engaging in.

On top of that, you want a program that focuses on exercise as well. This is good for you physically and emotionally. Make sure you choose a treatment center that offers a balance between heavy recovery work and a mixture of fun as well.

6.     Is the Program Based on the 12-Step Philosophies to Overcoming Addiction?

The 12-step program that AA is based on is a rock-solid and proven way to overcome addiction. It’s been so successful that it now reaches far beyond alcohol addiction and is used by several other addiction groups ranging from overeating and gambling as well.

Because of this success, it’s imperative that the treatment center you attend is based on these foundation blocks. With a qualified treatment center guiding you toward the 12-steps, you have your best chance at overcoming your addiction.

7.     Where is the Treatment Center Located?

It’s important to find out if the treatment center is located in a safe neighborhood. You don’t want to feel like a prisoner who is trapped indoors at all times because of how dangerous the area is. You should feel safe enough to walk the grounds of the center and travel around the block if you desire.

If it’s unsafe, you aren’t going to feel comfortable going out for a little air and it will inhibit your freedom. Feeling trapped will only further hinder your recovery.

8.     Is the Staff Professional and Caring?

It’s not only important to find outTreatment Center | Clearbrook Treatment Centers if the staff is qualified, but you also want to know about their attitudes, demeanor and approach to problems. It’s essential that you are treated by caring and warm humans that understand your difficulty.

It’s important that you feel that the therapists and staff members are dedicated to your well-being. They need to care enough about you to want to see you succeed. This will only encourage you on the path to recovery.

9.     What’s the Facility’s Reputation in the Community?

Some treatment centers are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. If so, it’s easy to see their reputation within the recovery industry. Aside from that, you can do your own online research to get a feel for the reputation. You only want to attend a facility that is highly regarded by previous patients. This will tell you a lot about their way of treatment and how they care for people.

“Does the facility have a good reputation both in the industry and in the community?”

10.    What’s the Client-to-Therapist Ratio?

For the best treatment, you want a ratio on the lower side. This ensures you receive the highest level of personalized care. If the therapists are dealing with a high patient load, they aren’t as capable of giving you the time and attention that you need to recover.

You also don’t want to attend a treatment center that cares so little about their staff to overburden them with clients. For the best chance of success, you want a center that allows for plenty of one-on-one attention as well as small group treatment.

11.    How Much Does the Program Cost?

If you are struggling with finding a way to pay for treatment, there are some facilities that rely on donations or funding from the government.

In addition to that, most treatment centers do take insurance. See if your plan is accepted before heading in so you can avoid any miscommunications in the end. You need to know what is covered and how much you’ll be responsible for upfront.

12.    How Will You Be Prepared for the Real World?

It’s hard enough dealing with staying sober while in treatment. Then, you have to face the real world and tackle those challenges as well. A qualified treatment plan is going to help you deal with your transition so you can have success in life.

Find out what the plan will be for discharge? If you are far from community support, have the facility offer suggestions on what you can do once aftercare is over? You’ll want to know the extent of follow-up care as well as possibilities for transitional care.

Final Thoughts

Heading to treatment is the first step at a new life, but it’s important you take the time to ensure you are making a wise decision. With all the centers available, you want to set yourself up for success by asking these questions before committing. Your life depends on it.

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