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The New Year is upon us and it is time to take an inventory of our personal lives. How did recovery go for you this year and are there things you wish that would improve? You have the power to make your recovery even stronger in the upcoming 2018.

If you are unsure how to proceed forward, we’ve put together some great thoughts to get you started.

1. Get to New Meetings

Even if you are already regularly attending 12-step meetings, there is more than you can achieve. Choose to replace one of your regular meetings with a new 12-step meeting. This could be done weekly or monthly as you choose.

This process will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and find new support. In the process, you will meet more people and expand your circle of friends. It is important to surround yourself with positive, encouraging support. Attending a variety of meetings enables you to find more people that you might want to spend time with.

2. Find Ways to be of Service to Others

We all know how important service can be to your recovery. For many people, this is one aspect of the program that lacks. Try something new and step outside of your normal comfort zone. Not only will volunteering help others, but it is going to uplift your spirit as well.

3. Exercise More

Exercise is important for a healthy mind and body. If you are already participating in an exercise program, shake up your routine a little and get excited about it once again.

If you haven’t yet begun a program, now is the time! Start with small goals and work your way up gradually. As you start to walk 10,000 steps a day, you can slowly work on running a mile a day. If you want to begin doing cardio for 15 minutes, that can easily become 45 minutes in just a few months.

You’ll feel better about yourself the more you exercise and that means a healthier recovery is in front of you.

4. Read a New Book Each Week

Reading is an important part of the lives of many successful people. By taking the time to enrich your soul with a new book each week, you broaden your horizons and have room to grow. Choose some inspirational books you’ve wanted to learn from.

There are many great choices relating to recovery, self-help, spirituality and other daily skills that are important. You could even take a break every few weeks and just indulge in a new fiction book.

For those that truly don’t have time to sit and read a book, there are plenty of audiobooks that are worth your time. You can listen to them during your commute or while you run on the treadmill. They are even great for passing the time while doing the daily housework.

5. Pamper Yourself

It is easy for us to take care of others and it generally doesn’t require much thought for us to encourage our loved ones to do good for themselves. When it comes to doing the same for ourselves, we often refrain from the indulgence.

Take the time to do the nice things for yourself that you would encourage others to do. Run yourself a hot bath and light some candles. Pamper yourself by going for a regular massage. Just treat yourself to something special on a regular basis because you deserve it.

6. Celebrate Your Successes

If a loved one reached a milestone in their life, you would be happy to reward them. Instead of celebrating our own successes, however, we tend to criticize ourselves. We judge every little thing that we do wrong and fail to see what we’ve done well.

It is time to do something different. Celebrate every little success in your life and make a big deal about it. You can go wild and throw a party or keep it small by purchasing an item you’ve been wanting. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, it only matters that you do.

7. Eliminate Bad Habits

Once you’ve quit drinking or doing drugs, other bad habits can easily creep into your life without you ever knowing. Unfortunately, this is a natural aspect of recovery that many people deal with.

You’ve proven you have the courage and strength to overcome some of the hardest addictions, now it is time to use that power to break more habits. Whether it is to quit smoking or to eat less sugar, you can accomplish your goals.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by attempting to eliminate all your bad habits at once. Instead, start with one goal at a time and work hard until you master it. Then, if you are ready to move onto another bad habit, you’ll be prepared.

While attempting to remove the negative habits from your life, you’ll need to replace them with good habits. Start by eating healthy breakfasts or go to bed at a decent time. All the small changes you make in your life will enrich your days and make you stronger as the year goes by.

8. Work Those Steps

For those that have already worked on the 12 Steps, it might be time to go back and start the process over. You could have new eyes to see things through now that you’ve matured in the program.

If you haven’t given the 12 Steps the attention they deserve, now is the time to begin. Find yourself a support system that will help to guide you through the process. Then, you must resolve to continue until the end.

9. Meditate More

As you spend time in recovery, you quickly learn how important meditation can be. It offers you a place to clear your head and allow you to escape for a while. With each breath, you take control of your thoughts and actions with a clear mind.

By meditating daily, you truly begin to practice letting go. Not just that, but it can lower your stress levels and blood pressure as well. Take the time this year to meditate more and set yourself up for a better chance of success in recovery.

10. Write in Your Journal on a Regular Basis

Taking the time to write in a journal offers many benefits to your emotional and physical well-being. It is possible to reduce stress and gain a deeper insight into your life. Many people also find that it benefits their decision making abilities and creativity.

Do your journaling whenever you can spare a few minutes each day. Even if you don’t like to write, simply drawing a picture can be helpful to you. Write some lists or even just a line of something that is important to you at the moment.

You might even find it to be helpful to write a list of the things you’ve accomplished or wish to complete.


The New Year is an exciting time filled with adventure and change. You can use this time as a catalyst to propel you to a deeper and healthier recovery. Use the options given above as resolutions to set or create your own. You are worth the investment.

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