At Clearbrook Massachusetts, we offer a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment in Baldwinville because we understand that everyone is unique, and their addiction treatment should be as well. Our inpatient rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts is focused on providing efficient and thorough care to help patients overcome their challenges with substance abuse and learn how to move forward in their recovery journey. We know that addiction treatment is only the beginning, so we strive to offer our patients all of the skills and tools they’ll need to live happy and addiction-free lives. As a drug and alcohol rehab, we understand that having a wide variety of addiction treatment services is necessary in order to meet every one of our patients’ needs. Those in search of addiction treatment centers in Massachusetts that prioritize the health and safety of their patients are encouraged to learn more about our services at Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts.


safe heroin detoxMedically Assisted Detox Services

Before beginning their residential treatment program, patients will normally undergo a medically monitored detox to help flush out the toxins from their body leftover from their drug or alcohol use. Our detox treatment helps patients safely and successfully detox from drugs, alcohol, and any other dangerous substance they may have been using. Detoxification is beneficial to patients regardless of the duration of their addiction. Our medically assisted detox in Massachusetts is led by a staff of nurses and medical personnel that are equipped to administer medications, treat withdrawal symptoms, and safely manage any emergencies that may occur. With medical support and residential detox options, patients can feel safe knowing they’re under the right kind of care.



Residential Treatment

As part of our substance abuse services, our residential treatment program in Massachusetts offers a safe and peaceful environment where patients can work through their addiction-related struggles. As a form of inpatient rehabilitation, our residential rehab program separates patients from their daily environments so they can focus on their recovery without distractions. During residential treatment, patients will live on campus and receive round-the-clock care. We make sure to plan out a full day for each of our patients to keep them focused on their treatment and prevent any outside distractions from interfering with their progress. Our rehab facility also incorporates in-house exercise equipment and delicious meals to physically strengthen patients during their time with us.



Family Program

Addiction not only affects the individual, but their loved ones as well. In order to help patients mend every area of their life that was affected by their dependency on drugs or alcohol, we also offer a family program at Clearbrook Massachusetts. This program incorporates group therapy for the addict and their loved ones in order to promote healing in the family unit. Support for the person’s family is beneficial to both parties and can make the transition to everyday life smoother once the patient has completed their treatment.



Special Programs and Therapies

In addition to substance-specific programs, our addiction treatment services also incorporate a variety of special programs and therapies that offer additional assistance in the recovery process. Some of these programs and therapies include our 12- Step program, alumni program, biofeedback therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. These rehab programs include individual and group meeting sessions as well as physical activities in order to promote mental, spiritual, and physical healing from addiction. A substance abuse disorder has many facets that must be addressed in order to ensure a full recovery. Fortunately, you or a loved one can get help at Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts.

Sobriety is just a phone call away. Contact us today for more information about our rehab facility in Baldwinville and the addiction treatment services we offer.

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