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Jail is NOT Treatment…And It’s NOT Your Only Option!

A person does not wake up one day and decide to become addicted to drugs, nor do they want to break the law or get arrested.  Addiction is not a choice, it is a chronic brain disease. With the disease, comes many consequences the individual may have to face, including legal consequences.  While these circumstances are never intended by the addict, they unfortunately become a reality for many. It is important to know that jail does not necessarily have to be the end for you or your loved one. What if we told you there may be another way; an answer that will actually benefit you or your loved one?

Over the years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has worked closely with patients and their families, who have been involved in the criminal justice system. We understand this can be a very trying and overwhelming time, and know you probably have a million questions. It important to know that you do not have to go through this process alone. If you or your loved is currently facing drug and alcohol related charges, we may be able to help. We will walk you through the process of what is to come, while providing the necessary treatment for drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

The longer your loved one sits in jail, the more difficult it may be help you and them have another option. Please give us a call today and let us get the process started.

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The Experience at Clearbrook

As we walk with patients through the process of beginning a healthy, attainable lifestyle free from mood-altering chemicals, we help our patients develop strong, positive relationships focused on accountability, encouragement, and continual assessment. Throughout the program, our integrative balanced approach utilizes the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.


Clearbrook maintains a 22-bed detoxification unit for our patients.  During the detoxification period, each patient is monitored for withdrawal symptoms and provided with medical assistance if needed. This time of detoxification can include uncomfortable, painful, and upsetting physical symptoms. Medical and nursing care is provided around the clock.

If a patient is experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms, he or she will stay at this unit until Clearbrook’s physician provides approval for their release. Upon completion of the detoxification phase, the patient immediately enters primary treatment.


The next phase in Clearbrook’s rehabilitation program is the rehabilitation portion of treatment. An individual treatment plan is developed during the first three days of treatment based upon the entry interview, medical exam, and data gathered from family and referral sources. During the next seven-day period, a more comprehensive treatment plan is compiled by our clinical team.


Intensive counseling provides patients with the tools to absorb frustrations in life situations while abstaining from the use of alcohol and drugs. Individual therapy sessions, as well as group therapy, addresses denial, powerlessness, unmanageability, emotional sensitivity, and flawed thinking. All counseling is designed to assist the patient toward problem solving and solutions without falling back into bad habits.

Throughout this phase of the alcohol and drug rehab program, patients can expect significant emotional responses. This phase requires that individuals make commitments and lifelong decisions that promise to impact their continued success.

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