Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs at Clearbrook

Drug addiction and alcoholism are nationwide problems that affect millions of people every year. The opioid epidemic has been a major contributing factor to the country’s growing rate of drug-related overdose deaths. Substance use disorders do not discriminate against age, gender, or ethnicity and can affect anyone in any situation. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that usually worsens when treatment is not received. No one is immune to the dangers of substance abuse. Fortunately, our Clearbrook drug rehab centers provide drug and alcohol treatment programs for those suffering from this condition.

Our Residential Rehab Programs in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania

Substance abuse disorders and the issues they cause can vary from person to person. Each substance produces various short and long-term side effects, making it difficult for one form of treatment to suit patients with different types of addictions. Some drugs are also more difficult to detox from than others, which is why we prioritize individual treatment for substance abuse.

Before patients begin their drug and alcohol treatment programs, whether at Clearbrook Pennsylvania or Clearbrook Massachusetts, we have them undergo our medically monitored detox. The purpose of medical detox is to treat withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings. Withdrawals are common side effects of drug and alcohol dependence. Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s reaction to a sudden lack of these substances. These side effects can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous if left untreated or if the detox process is attempted at home. After detox, patients may then move onto one of our drug rehab programs.


Millions of people suffer from alcoholism every year. Because this drug is legal to purchase for people aged 21 and older, it makes it an affordable and accessible substance. Many fads surround heavy drinking, and many people consider it necessary for having fun or relaxing. Numerous influencers, celebrities, and music artists, often share their love of drinking over social media, which further contributes to the problem. Long-term alcohol abuse can have horrible side effects, including liver disease and cancer. Alcoholism can not only destroy a person’s physical and mental health, but it can also tear families apart and even influence the younger generation of the family to binge drink when they’re older. At both Clearbrook Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, we offer alcohol addiction treatment that can make sobriety possible.


Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are prescription drugs used to treat conditions characterized by excessive nerve activity in the brain, such as anxiety disorders and seizures. Also known as tranquilizers, benzos are utilized for their relaxing side effects, both medically and recreationally. Benzos have a high potential for abuse, and many people have fallen victim to this type of addiction. At both our Clearbrook rehab facilities, we offer benzo treatment to help people recover both physically and psychologically from addiction.


Cocaine, also known as coke or crack, is a stimulant drug that’s commonly abused for the immediate high it offers. This high is characterized by feelings of euphoria and alertness, making it a popular drug of abuse both in and out of club settings. Crack is also highly addictive, and people who snort, inject, or smoke it can become addicted after only a handful of uses. In addition to the side effects that the drug itself produces, the cutting agents used by dealers and distributors to make more profit with less product are also dangerous and can increase the risk of overdose. Our cocaine treatment at Clearbrook Treatment Centers has offered many patients a safe way out of addiction.


Heroin is one of the several kinds of opioids that have contributed to the epidemic that began in the late 1990s. It’s abused for the immediate euphoric high it produces and is also highly addictive. Because this drug is often used through injecting intravenously, users are often at risk of contracting viruses and diseases like HIV and Hepatitis from sharing or using dirty needles. At our treatment centers in MA and PA, we offer heroin treatment to help these individuals recover and get sober.


Methamphetamine, or meth, is another central nervous system stimulant that works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. This drug is also highly addictive and is known for causing conditions called meth mites and meth mouth. Meth mites are a side effect of methamphetamine abuse. It makes people feel like bugs are crawling on their skin, causing them to pick and scratch, leaving scabs and sores. Meth mouth refers to tooth decay caused by a lack of dental hygiene and other symptoms in meth users. While these are meth’s trademark symptoms, there are many more dangers related to meth use. Our meth treatment provides these individuals a safe and comfortable place to receive a personalized treatment plan for drug addiction.


Opioids include prescription drugs like oxycodone and illicit drugs like heroin. They all work similarly to each other by attaching themselves to opioid receptors on nerves in the central nervous system. This process often inhibits pain signals from being communicated between the brain and body, which is why opioids are prescribed for pain treatment; however, abusing these drugs can lead to addiction. Even people who take them as prescribed sometimes need help from doctors because they’ve become dependent. Our opioid treatment at Clearbrook is suitable for anyone battling this type of addiction.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs encompass a variety of substances, including opioids, benzos, barbiturates, sedatives, and more. Many people mistakenly believe that prescription medications are safe because doctors prescribe them, but caution should also be practiced when using these drugs. Many people who begin misusing or abusing their medications require prescription pill addiction treatment to recover safely. Our treatment for these drugs takes every detail of the person’s condition into account when treating them to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Additionally, we also treat addictions related to substances like bath salts, ecstasy, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and suboxone. Each of our drug and alcohol treatment programs is designed to tackle the underlying issues related to these substances. By offering various types of addiction treatment, we can increase patients’ chances of completing their treatment and achieving long-term sobriety.

Additional Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Because addiction can affect anyone in any situation, we also provide additional drug and alcohol rehab programs, including a rehab program for pregnant women and relapse prevention resources. The former applies to women who are seven months pregnant or less. This program gives pregnant mothers and their children a second chance at a healthy and happy life. It also prevents physical complications like neonatal abstinence syndrome and more. Additionally, our relapse prevention services assist our alumni during their recovery.

If you’re interested in the drug and alcohol programs offered at both our Massachusetts and Pennsylvania facilities, contact us today to connect with a team member.


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