Are you ready to make a life-altering change? Call us today for information about admission to our facility. Our admissions specialists treat each call with the greatest care and each call is strictly confidential.

Who Answers My Call?

Our qualified Admissions Specialists are your first experience with our  “Patients Come First” philosophy when you start your first step into Clearbrook Manor. Our Admissions staff will take the time to explain our programs and to answer all of your questions. During these telephone interviews, you will be asked a number of pertinent questions as a part of our intake gathering that will help us facilitate your admission. When the information portion is concluded, appointments are scheduled for admission into Clearbrook. Weekend and evening admissions can be arranged.

What Happens During the Initial Admission?

Upon arrival at Clearbrook Manor, a preliminary treatment plan is developed after admission based on data collected during the entry interview, referral and family sources. Appropriate treatment plans are initiated upon entry and evolve into a more comprehensive plan during the treatment stay.

How Long Do I Stay at Clearbrook?

The length of your stay will depend upon your treatment needs as well as your progress while completing the rehabilitation program at Clearbrook. Clearbrook’s inpatient treatment program for adults is 28 days.

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